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Rocky Horror lovers! Perks of Being a Wallflower lovers! Dreamers!
I call out to you from Pittsburgh.

The Hollywood Theater of Dormont is a beautiful single screen independent theater located just outside of Pittsburgh. It truly is a huge part of the community hosting movies, film festivals, art exhibits, concerts and much more. It holds a dear place in many people’s hearts. And, it is the home of Pittburgh’s Rocky Horror scene where every other Saturdays on Potomac Avenue dwelled sparkly believers who kept alive the idea to “don’t dream it, be it.”
This is the theater that is seen in the Perks of Being a Wallflower where Charlie experiences Rocky Horror. This is the theater that Mr. Stephen Chbosky saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And now, this theater is in trouble.

Theaters are making transitions to only use digital projectors. Fox Studios, who own the rights to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is no longer working with theaters that do not have digital projectors.
Soon, more and more companies will make these transitions and the Hollywood will go dark.

Please, if you can donate ANYTHING, every little bit helps the fight to help the Hollywood theater raise the money to get a digital projector.
And please, pass this along. Reblog this, post it on facebook, twitter, whatever.

Just help save the Hollywood theater. Save it for the little business trying to make it. Save it for the dreamers. Save it for the kids I see every Saturday night coming out in sequence or leather to a place where they can fit in and be whatever they want to be.

I don’t have much to offer, but I will personally thank everyone who reblogs this.

Thank you.


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